Happy British Muslims Video; Muslims denounce Saudi Extremism



Islam does not need to be full of anger, sadness and violence. That is Wahhabism, or Saudi Understanding of Islam. A group of Muslims went on this video dancing which surprises many, whereas it really shouldnt. The Video made by Pharrell Williams; Honesty Policy. in two scenes people appear initially angry, but then suddenly change, much to anticipation of many that since they are Muslims they wont be dancing or show a smile,

Saudi Arabia is the shit-hole of The Middle East and their understanding of Islam should be buried with them. Muslims are not equal with them morons,

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is Dead; Finally!


The 90 year old sponsor of terrorism, King Abdullah, king of Saudi Arabia is dead. He died because of Chlamydia infection and Gonorrhea, from which he was suffering for the last few years. He led a lavish life, spent Billions of Dollars on himself and his family members’ food, drinks, and “sexual expenses”.  However, few years ago when he secretly visited Thailand, in his resort he met with some prostitutes. not knowing that this was a plot by his brothers, he engaged in unprotected sex, whereas the prostitutes all had STD.

When he came back from that trip, he started experiencing difficulty in breathing, soar eyes, and he smelled most of time (better to say he stinted), this was also noticed in Obama’s visit to Saudi, when most of the American group refused to stand or sit next to Kind Abdullah because of the intolerable smell. This is despite the fact that he had ordered perfumes from a certain European country worth 5 million Dollars. Apparently it did not work. The other significant side effect of his disease was that he became gluttonous. He was always photographed while eating. It has been said that he had cravings for Head Cheese.

His death revealed the Harem that he had, filled with women and men, from different ages. They are all detained. He will not be buried, since the Wahhabi do not believe in tombs or gravestones, so he will either be thrown into the Persian Gulf or be Cremated in Mecca. The fear that he will be exhumed by dissidents and pissed on is growing among the conservative Wahhabi clerics. The ritual is expected to attract millions of Saudis who fancy a dead king more than a live one.

The next king has already been appointed, so there will be no worry about that, but the main problem is that the heir of the thrown has dementia. Yet this should not be a problem for a country in which becoming a king means wasting money, with dementia you can forget easier! Taking photos of the dead is forbidden in Wahhabi religion, so we have to wait and see which prince has had a chance to take a selfie with King Abdullah’s corpse, otherwise we can only imagine how bad he smelled during these years.

king abdullah the pig king adbullah dead

Poll reveals: 46% of UK citizens want Nigel Farage to become the Prime Minister




Mirror daily came up with a poll exactly after Nigel Farage appeared on Have I got News for you – Mirror Daily claiming that he was grilled on this programme!!- and this poll was posted exactly under the same news. guess what? the poll is about who do you want to be the next Prime Minister! The fear of Nigel Farage becoming so popular that he will become the Prime Minister has become so wide spread that news agencies are trying to see what effect does negative news about Farage have on viewer’s opinion, and do their best to lure their readers to oppose Farage. 46% percent of the participants wanted Nigel Farage to be the prime minister on this survey. I assume that that is going to be the case, no matter how much crap is spread about Nigel Farage.
nigel farage

10 Best Parliament fights


people’s representatives in parliaments are people! So there is nothing unusual about them getting involved in physical fights! After the recent brawl in Ukraine’s parliament, I surfed the net and examined many parliament fights. they are not unusual in fact, all over the world. Some have argued that in fact fights occurring in a parliament is a sign of lively democracy! some conspiracy theorists claim that these are just puppets and their fight is distraction to what really goes on in politics! check the 10 best parliament fights


No.10      Fight in the Indian Parliament 

This fight is very similar to fights in Football stadiums, but this is the parliament of ‘the biggest democracy in the world’ and the majority of them don’t eat meat because of adherence to non-violence!


No.9         Fight in the Ukrainian Parliament (2010)

The recent brawl in the Ukrainian parliament was one of the least interesting ones, check the funniest one out!


No. 8       Fight in the Parliament of Taiwan 

what I like about this fight is the active role of women in it!


No. 7        Fight in the Parliament of Turkey

One guy is using his I Pad to fight!! at the end it looks like a stock market.


No. 6         Fight in the South Korean Parliament 

This one is classic! Security forces are fighting with MPs because of blocking the path to parliament!


No. 5            Fight in the Parliament of Venezuela

I dont think you could even imagine that this place is a parliament!! It looks like a noisy Bazar


No. 4            Fight in Parliament of Israel

The only Victory in any Parliamentary fight!


No.3           Another Indian parliament fight

I fear that Indian MPs are not strong enough and this fight does not have a decisive winner


No. 2            Fight in Nigerian Parliament

A sporadic fight



A clean Judo fight

Armenian Genocide in Retrospect


The Armenian Genocide is commemorated on 24th of April around the world by Armenians and others. The War crimes of Ottoman Empire (which is now represented by Turkey) against Armenians, Kurds and Assyrians is the only genocide in the twentieth century which has not gained enough recognition and condemnation. Millions of Armenians were killed systematically by the Ottoman empire in an attempt to cleanse the Armenian ethnicity in this country under the pretext of collaboration with the Russians. It is in fact a crime to admit the occurrence of this genocide in Turkey. When Orhan Pamuk – The Turkish Nobel Laureate – admitted the occurrence of this genocide he was put on trial. This is very ironic, since, in many European countries denying The Holocaust (which is similar to the Armenian Genocide) is a crime.

unfortunately, Israel, a country which was formed by Holocaust survivors does not recognize the Armenian Genocide because of its economic ties with Turkey!!! & a fear that Holocaust will be marginalized as a grotesque crime if Armenian Genocide is recognized. A great and informative book on this topic is the Banality of Denial: Israel and the Armenian Genocide. When France made denying the Armenian Genocide a crime, Erdogan and his AKP reacted so fiercely, trying to scare off any other government who would try to establish such laws.

Armenia is neighboring Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran and Georgia, of which only Iran and Georgia have a friendly relationship with Armenia. Turkey has blocked the borders with Armenia. The fact that Armenia is a poor country is not an excuse to neglect the crime occurred against them.  There should be a universal effort to make Turkey recognize this crime, apologize for it, and compensate. Israel among all countries should recognize this genocide, otherwise I do not see why Holocaust denial should be bad either. human lives are precious, whether Ottomans or Nazis killed systematically Armenians or Jews, it should not matter, they should both be condemned equally and rightfully.

What is occurring now is Kessab is supported by the Turkish government, The hatred towards Armenians in Turkey is a major issue which needs to be addressed and cured.

Below you can see the photo of a Turkish man in the Ottoman empire teasing starving Armenian kids with a piece of Bread

turkish man

Western Media worried about Kim Kardashian revealing truth about Syria


Kim Kardashian weighed in on Syrian crisis, something which I think all celebrities should be doing. Kardashian has realized that the savage AlQaeda in Syria now fighting Bashar Al-Assad are not to be supported, they kill, behead and torture people at ease. However, western Media, (defenders of truth) have all decided to write slightly against her, Such idiotic news agencies as Foxnews and yellow cheap news agencies like Dailymail.uk have all become worried that masses will find out who we are defending in the Syrian crisis. So, they have all decided to criticize or question what Kardashian has stated. The truth is that Bashar Assad is no angel, but he is way way better than those bloodthirsty Al Qaeda rebels. #SaveKessab  

(I use Dailymail to wipe my dogs waste)